About Singapore

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Singapore is known as the “gateway to the east”. The country has a unique ethnic tapestry and is filled with cultures from all across Asia. The country has rapidly developed into an attractive tourist destination, having numerous luxury hotels, delectable cuisine and unforgettable shopping experiences.

Singapore’s corporate taxes are comparably low while providing other incentives in its efforts to attract foreign investment. You may find out more about some of these initiatives here. Furthermore, Singapore has long invested in the development of its labour force which is another plus point for investors thinking about setting up shop there.

Singapore has a world class infrastructure for businesses to expand and prosper. The country is known for its integrity, reliability, productivity and rule of law that gives businesses a safe sense of assurance. This also provides them a platform where they can establish greater competitive advantage and expand across the region.

Perth to Singapore

Getting a flight between Singapore and Perth is not difficult. On average, there are at least 7 flights daily between both countries provided by some of the best airline companies. Travel and communication is also made more convenient by the fact that it is a 4.5 hour-long flight between both countries and that they also are located within the same time zone.