Constructing The ASEC Website

BWC joins the team

BWC Consultancy Joins Our Team

BWC joins the team
A selfie of Roy and Shaun building the ASEC 2017

We are proud to announce that BWC Consultancy will be joining ASEC 2017 as the digital solutions provider in web hosting, development and design. BWC or “Because We Can” Consultancy is a team of young digital marketers specializing in the field of web design, social media, digital artwork and other services. Because they are constantly seeking opportunities to sharpen their skills, they have graciously volunteered to support the development of the ASEC website.

Understanding the objective of the site was the first thing BWC did. With less than a hundred days to the ASEC event, the team built up parts of the site while consistently maintaining contact with the ASEC committee to understand the project’s needs and having the right information on the website. This included frequent trips to the Anson Bond Office (as seen on the left) to discuss how to best promote the event and give the best value for the execution of ASEC 2017.

Roy Yeo

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